dinsdag 20 oktober 2009


Everybody's talking bout how good twitter, myspace and youtube are for artist/musicians! So I figured why not use twitter as a medium to get my music heard and see where it takes me... So everybody RETWEET!!!! http://twitter.com/Forrealonline

Just like Diddy always says LET'S GO PEOPLE!!!

Not giving up

Hey Ya'll,

I'm so frustrated right now. Trying to find the way... any way to get me to the next level in music. Been trying for so long. Sometimes I think it's easier to give up, but then I can't. Love it to much!! And I know that I got what it takes to be a great singer/ songwriter/ entertainer.
Arghhhhh... then I see people on TV I know who did make it... counting to 10, taking a deep breath... OKAY I'M RELOADED!!!!

Never giving up on my dream!!

Much love,

vrijdag 11 september 2009

Me singing ' Nobody's supposed to be here'

Hey everyone,

I love this song so I just had to sing a small piece of it for ya!
I know it's a bit dark, sorry bout that... Enjoy!


donderdag 10 september 2009

My very first blog

Hey ya'll,

This is my very first post! My eyes are so tiny right now from staring at the screen tryna pimp my page... So how ya'll doing??

Let me introduce myself. I'm a singer/ songwriter on my way to the top! Just wrote 2 new songs. They're a lil' different then the songs I wrote before... A bit more clubby lol. I love writing ballads but it was time for some clubtracks! Hope that I can post them soon!

We'll I'm gonna go and try to fix my page some more.

Till next time!